Emmanuel United Methodist Church in Amherst, Virginia.
Monday, July 22, 2019
We serve the Lord with love and praise.

Local Ministries of Emmanuel UMC


Hot Dog Day

     Free hot dogs on the fifth Saturday of months with five Saturdays  on Main Street across from Hill Hardware


Food Pantry

    Several Amherst churches combine efforts in this ministry.

    Holiday food boxes are distributed to members of the community for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


Amherst Cares  

   Emmanuel United Methodist Church through the Amherst Cares Program is the leader in a collaborative effort of schools, churches, and community to provide supplemental food to food insecure students in Amherst County Public Schools.   We have worked in cooperation with Amherst County Public Schools to provide this service to our students since 2010 by providing 73,591 bags of food to our neediest students.
          With our summer distribution program and with the assistance of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank we served 134 families impacting 700 individuals.
          These outcomes speak to the need, the relevancy, and importance of this Emmanuel ministry.
On August 24th Amherst Cares will begin their eighth year of food assistance.  The food is sent home in order to help students get through weekends and breaks from school when access to food during these hard economic times might be limited or reduced.  Studies have shown that there is a direct correlation between food insecurity and school performance.  Once hunger is reduced, school performance, attendance, and attention to instruction improve.
          Our goal through the Amherst Cares program is to fuel students for success.
          Led by God’s love and grace, we pray that by meeting these needs not only will the child be fed physically, but more open to seeing and receiving God’s love.
          Emmanuel continues to be a caring, compassionate congregation led by the power of the Spirit and open to partnerships to continue spreading the love of Christ in our community.
          When children ask where the food comes from that they take home each week, school personnel simply say “from people who care”. 


  Meals on Wheels  The Meals on Wheels (MOW) team prepares meals for 24 MOW clients and some homebound members of our church.   The first Monday of every month finds volunteers in Emmanuel's kitchen preparing the meals and enjoying fellowship with other team members. A note from our church is enclosed with each meal providing encouragement to each recipient.  Our volunteers deliver the meals to our homebound church members while other volunteers from the community take meals to MOW clients.




Prayer Shawl Group

Singing at nursing homes